Pimping Your Ride – Or Making Your Car Look And Drive Better

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The popular US TV series Pimp Your Ride, which has been exported to other TV markets in recent years, is a logical conclusion to the popular hobby of auto modification. People all over the world look at their cars and think “I can make this better – faster and better looking, and it will corner better when I’m done, too”. Basically, it’s The Six Million Dollar Man but with cars.

You can modify your car to a greater or lesser extent. Some people will settle for a new paint job and perhaps some new wheels and hubcaps. There may be some improvement in the car’s performance as a result, but the less modification you do, the less the improvement will be – in theory, at least.

There is, after all, such a thing as too much modification. You can tune up the engine, add things and take them away, and even – if you are inclined towards a daredevil approach – add nitrous oxide to the mix. You can add spoilers and tail fins to the car as well, for better road holding, but sometimes the theory and the practicalities do not match.

The basic message is that modification can be a mixed bag. If you know what to do and how to do it, then you can give a previously staid car a new lease of life, or bring an older car into line with some newer models. Or you might just settle for a cooler interior and a louder sound system. The choice is up to you, but please bear in mind that professionals make big money doing this for a reason – they’re good at it and you might not be.

Racing For Sport – Formula One Motor Racing

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The single word “car” can be used to describe any one of a number of different kinds of vehicle, from the comfortable family sedan to the armored people carrier, and indeed to the sports cars that are driven around tracks by professional drivers. You’ll never see a Formula One car on a public road outside of special circumstances, but it’s a car all right.

The Formula One car has little in common with a road legal vehicle. The shape is different – it is much lower and more aerodynamically proportioned. It is as small as it can safely be while containing a driver and the necessary safety features, and it is built for high speeds – faster than any road legal car.

The best Formula One drivers over the years have been the likes of Juan Manuel Fangio, Gilles Villeneuve, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. Although in many cases, these drivers have been helped by having the best car on the circuit, an uncommon level of skill and determination to win has set these men apart. Senna was tragically killed while competing in the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994, but statistically Formula One has had a low level of fatalities for all the speed of the races.

Formula One is similar in many ways to its American cousin, Indycar racing. However, it is felt that the drivers at Formula One level are slightly more technically gifted and the cars more conducive to fast lapping than Indycars. Many young Indycar drivers will make a move to Formula One after succeeding in the States, while few will move the other way.

Road Safety: Kill Your Speed, Not A Person

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Laws governing drivers are often controversial, as one driver may be more skilful than others and less likely to make mistakes that will cause danger to other road users. This leads to the situation where a driver will say “I don’t see why I should be penalised because I’m a better driver than someone else”. To which the only reaction is: Sit down, shut up and deal with it.

This may be seen as an authoritarian response to a fair point, but the issue here is that a law must apply to everyone (within reason) in order to be in any way enforceable. If you happen to be really good at controlling a car even at high speeds, then pat yourself on the back and enjoy the adulation – but the fact is that in residential areas and other spots with high traffic, it is dangerous to drive above a certain speed.

We all like traveling at higher speeds. For one thing, it gets us where we are going in less time. But it does not take a scientist to recognise that a car traveling at 50 mph will do more damage to anything or anyone it hits than one traveling at 30. You can be as careful and as skilful as you like, but things happen in split seconds, and a line needs to be drawn somewhere.

Some countries have no speed restrictions on their motorways, highways or autobahns, and this can work well in practice, but there is a necessity to keep speeds to a reasonable level on roads that are not designed for high speeds.

Your Dream Drive – What Makes The Perfect Car?

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The discussion of what is the best car in the world is a pretty futile one unless you lay down certain parameters as to what the “best” really is. Do we mean the one that moves fastest, the one that looks best or the one which lasts the longest? These are just three criteria which can either be the most important or entirely irrelevant, depending upon your point of view.

For some people, the best car is the one that runs the most smoothly. Some cars, though technically excellent and pleasant to look at, have just one small fault which dogs the driver from the moment they take it home to the day they trade it in. The fault may not even be a particularly severe one, but if it keeps happening it can make the car impossible to run.

For those of an environmental frame of mind, the kind of gas mileage the car gets is also important. Many sports cars are beautiful to look at and purr like a tiger when they are on the open road, but they require refuelling so often that they are impossible to run economically and ecologically. A less “exciting” car that gets more mileage for a full tank of gas will be less likely to send you crazy.

Sometimes, the dream car is one that you just fall in love with for no reason that can be easily explained. From childhood, many of us see a car just once and think that we will be truly happy the day we can drive it off a forecourt. Sometimes, we need to be careful what we wish for.

Cash For Clunkers: Trading In An Older Car For Cash

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Cars are like people, in many ways. They need to have the proper care taken of them and to be treated in a certain way if they are to keep running smoothly. The longer they are in service, the more likely they will be to develop faults. Eventually, they need to be retired before they do some harm to themselves or others.

Numerous governments are now creating schemes whereby an older car can be traded in for money against the purchase of a new one. The thinking behind this is that older cars are both less safe and worse for the environment than newer ones, and the government can save money on future environmental protection by spending a small amount of money up front to ensure cleaner air.

The benefit for the motorist who trades in their car is that they save money on a newer car which they might otherwise not have been able to afford. It is an incentive which works to reduce the amount of pollution in the air and make the roads safer. The cash paid for the older cars, too, can be recouped in scrap costs and recycling.

There is some amount of controversy over such programs, with people arguing that it is a waste of government money that could be better spent elsewhere or not spent at all. In the end, any such program is best judged by its success, and these programs have been judged successful on balance. How often they will be repeated in future will depend on the economic climate.

Luxury Cars: The Bugatti Veyron

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Ask around a number of car aficionados to find out which vehicle they would most like to have in their garage, and a suitably large number will state that the Bugatti Veyron is a very strong contender. It is not difficult to see why – the car itself looks like a sleek monster, and that’s before the key goes anywhere near the ignition.

What really sets the Veyron apart from any other car, apart from its million-dollar price tag, is the insane top speed of more than 267 miles per hour. This is a speed that can of course only be reached on particularly long stretches of open road, such as a race track, but the Veyron is a road-legal car, and its performance even at that high speed is noted as being incredibly stable.

The popular UK TV series Top Gear dubbed the original Veyron, with its comparatively slow top speed of nearly 254 mph, as the Car of the Decade. One of the few cars universally loved by all three presenters of the show (who disagree more than they agree), the Veyron is a brainchild of the German Volkswagen group and features ten radiators, sixteen valves, and more than a thousand horsepower.

The higher-end Veyron Super Sport clocks in at a price tage of $2,700,000/£1,665,000, meaning that as far as it being the ideal car goes, it is more or less a hypothetical issue for most of us. However, for those who are able to spend that kind of money on a car, the 0-60 speed of just two and a half seconds has to be something of a coup.

Trading In For A Younger Model

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Some people drive the same car from the day they pass their test to the day that they decide to stop driving, or have that decision made for them. Others, and these are the larger group, will update their car on a more or less regular basis. There is a reason for this, and it is fairly simple. As cars get older, they become more prone to faults and some features may become obsolete.

There is a lot that you can to to keep your car more up to date, especially on the inside of the car. Any car in the world can accommodate a GPS satellite navigation system, although the newer models come with one already installed. Seatbelts were, once upon a time, optional in a car, but now they are compulsory with good reason.

Newer cars are, in the main, cleaner and safer to drive than the older ones. This can be balanced against the fact that a driver may feel more comfortable, more at ease and therefore a better driver in a car they have driven for many years. But many of us will trade in for a newer model simply because it is less prone to faults.

In such cases it may be a good idea to trade your old car in for a small part of the cost of the newer model. There is always something that can be salvaged from an older car, and it may even be modified to make it more up to date.

The Environmental Issue Of Motoring

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There are people among the environmental movement who will flat-out forswear ever driving a car because of the cost to the planet. It can admittedly be taxing on the environment to run a car, be it because of the fumes that are passed through the exhaust or the toll taken on the planet to build and fuel the car.

Most environmentalists will, however, reach some sort of compromise which entails driving a car that is more green than others. The first thing to look for in this respect is fuel economy. A car which gives you more miles per gallon of fuel will be more friendly to the environment, as the use of fossil fuels takes a toll on the planet.

In this light, it may be worth looking at some of the hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicles on the market. As the environmental movement grows in size and strength, these cars are becoming more prominent and choice is becoming greater. Some interesting new developments are taking place in the alternative fuels market, and these may make it more economical and more “green” to drive.

Sometimes, the deal with automobiles and the environment is not so much what you drive as how often you drive it. If you don’t need to drive and the weather is good, walking can be pretty good fun anyway. Obviously, this is hardly going to win around the most hardened enviroskeptic, but when you realise that the trade-off is “fewer journeys = better performance” it’s something to hold on to.

Road Safety: The Drag Race

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There will always be a number of people who enjoy taking their cars on to the open road and seeing just how fast they can go, something which has led to a fairly large number of unofficial “drag races” taking place on public roads. The argument usually made by the drivers in such races is that they only race on quiet roads, usually at times when no-one else is likely to be on the road.

One potential argument against this is that you can never be certain who will be on the road. After all, it is there for a reason – people need to get from one place to another. It is no use saying after you have crashed into another car that you thought the road would be deserted. It wasn’t, and what you expected has absolutely no relevance to anyone killed or injured.

Another reason why drag races can be dangerous is in their very unregulated nature. Most car racing is carried out at tracks which have safety features as well as full emergency services – and professional car racers have still been known to die in high-speed crashes. When you are driving in an illegal drag race you have no such security to call on, and you can end up in real trouble as a result.

Although it is often the illegal and unsanctioned nature of drag races that attracts people to drive in them, a certain amount of this bravado is born out of a sense that you’ll be lucky. But you only have to be unlucky once to kill or injure yourself, a friend or another road user. Drag races, as fun as they may be, should be kept to race tracks.

Helpful Advice for Purchasing a Used Car

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By NealWeaver
Jul 31, 2015
Lot of people thinks that buying a used car is better because of the bargain they can get. When a new car is purchased and taken off the lot its value is immediately decreased. Because of this, smart shoppers find used cars that are barely used for much cheaper than a new car of the same model. There are a few things you should know before buying a used car.
The first thing you need to determine in order to buy a used car is your budget. If you decide to finance your car, you will be able to afford a more expensive model, but by doing so you will pay more in interest expenses over the duration of your loan. Your budget is the biggest factor in determining what type of car you will buy.

You also need to consider what type of car suites your family’s needs the best. If you have a large family that needs to be transporting around a lot, you may find a mini-van or SUV to be your best option. For people with a long commute to work, a fuel efficient compact car or a luxury model may be better. Determining how you will use your car will allow you to better decide what type of car you should purchase.

You may find additional costs associated with the type of car you decide to buy. Some models of cars, like sports cars or SUV’s, cost more money to insure. Buying a larger vehicle will make it so you have to pay more money at the pump. If you buy a German luxury car you will have to pay higher maintenance expenses. You will want to consider these factors so you do not end up buying a car that you cannot afford. The sticker price of a car is not the only expense to consider.

The next step after calculating your budget and deciding what kind of car you want is to shop around. Different dealerships have different offers and by shopping around you will be able to find the best deal Do not forget, that if you are buying in cash you may also want to look into buying directly from an owner. Follow the link to learn more about Mazda Dealers in Kansas City.

Buying a used car is a great way to get more bangs for your buck. You do need to realize that there are some risks involved with buying a used car. You will have a hard time finding everything out about the vehicles history, and you will not know how the former owners treated it. Having a mechanic examine the car you want to buy is a good way to alleviate these concerns. Buying a car is a difficult task, but by buying a used car you can be sure you are getting the right car for you at a price you can afford. See used car dealer in Kansas City, MO, for affordable quality cars.

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