How We Fall In Love With Cars At An Early Age

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Although the legal age for driving differs between countries, one thing which they all have in common is that from an early age we all want to get behind the wheel of a car and drive it around. Indeed, many kids have a collection of toy cars at an early age, imbuing them with a desire to drive for real one day, and giving them an appreciation of which car they want it to be in.

What is it that grabs us about cars before we are old enough to understand anything about them? For many of us, it is the fact that they allow us to travel so fast from one place to another, and the freedom that they seem to give. Faraway places have a powerful hold over us as children, and anything that gets us to them whenever we want to go will seem like a dream. The same fascination applies to aeroplanes.

Additionally, we see cars in virtually every TV show we like as older children. Whether it is a cop show that features a kick-ass law enforcer or anything else with a charismatic central character, we will want to be that person and want to drive what they drive. Herbie, KITT and the General Lee are three examples, and most of us between the ages of thirty and fifty can remember having one or more of these cars as toys.

As we get older, the car loses some of its mystique. If they have not done before the first time we take them in to have the clutch repaired, cars will certainly start to pale in terms of excitement when we have to pay for repairs. Nonetheless, we will still love them. Heck, many of us even name our cars.

Driving Abroad – Know Your Laws

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Everyone likes a holiday every now and again, and if you can bring your car along then it can be even better. Knowing that you can go off the beaten track and holiday the way you want to has its attractions, ones nobody can deny. On the flip side, if you are holidaying in a country or a state where the laws are different from the ones you are used to, you need to be very careful.

Some countries have quite radically different road laws than others. For example, British drivers may well find themselves overwhelmed on a German autobahn because, while the top speed on a British motorway is (technically) seventy miles an hour, German autobahns have no speed restrictions. This can make for a very steep learning curve.

If you are American and you visit London on holiday, you might also find that its takes some getting used to that British drivers drive on the left hand side of the road. It is something you learn quickly if you want to stay alive, of course, because everyone else is doing it – but it can make for some tricky moments at junctions and similar situations.

There are various other laws which can lead to drivers becoming unstuck, such as the French law which requires drivers to have high visibility vests in their cars at all times in case of breakdowns. In the main, you just need to do your research and acclimatise quickly to different laws. Once you’ve done so, driving abroad is a blast.

The Cheapest Car On The Market?

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It is a sad state of affairs that ordinary motoring is outside the reach of many a person in today’s society because of the cost of automobiles. Even when bought on a finance plan, spreading the cost over years, it can still be tricky for someone on a low income to buy a car and drive it – not to mention the inherent instability of financing plans (lost your job? Lose your car, too!).

However, there is the beginning of a movement to cheaper motoring taking place at the moment, and how successful this is may well govern whether the movement picks up pace and is joined by all or most vehicle manufacturers. The Tata Nano is believed by many to be the cheapest new-model motor car on the market and is bringing new cars within the price range of less well-off drivers.

A low cost automobile will necessarily be less advanced than a mid-price or expensive model, but in order to get off the assembly line it will need to be safe to drive and workable as an option for motorists. If enough people drive the cheaper models – which are after all cheaper to make, too – then more companies will build similar models.

How many people want to drive budget vehicles is another matter. In a world where the car is often a status symbol, it is indeed tricky to take to the road in something that everyone knows was cheap. Additionally, most governments would agree that what they want is fewer cars on the road and not more. But for those who want it, at least one option is now there.